• Think tank with Bluffton chamber

    Think tank with Bluffton chamber BCE think tanks enable businesses to seek solutions to business questions. The think tanks bring together professionals from various backgrounds to help in problem-solving.

  • Fresh Modern Fabric open house

    Fresh Modern Fabric open house

Simply put, we're business incubators.

What is the Bluffton Center for Entrepreneurs? Simply put, we're business incubators. We provide programs that add value to young businesses, accelerate their growth, and increase the odds of their success - that's business incubation.

We Offer Education

BCE provides a variety of education and training opportunities including seminars and one-on-one training on a variety of topics.

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We Provide Coaching

Consists of one-on-one meetings (at least monthly) with the Executive Director and/or volunteer professional service providers which may include a variety of tasks.

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We Help You Network

Access to the BCE helps you network with other entrepreneurs, chambers of commerce, service clubs, business support services, marketing, and publicity events.

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What about the economy?

See how we do it

Many entrepreneurs question their business success in today's economy. They often ask us, "Can my business succeed in today's environment?" Our answer is YES! Many of today's successful companies were started during the Great Depression, including: Motorola, Hewlett-Packard, Xerox, Texas Instruments, and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Great ideas, well executed and properly supported, are successful in any economic environment.

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