Our Clients

Superior Energy Solutions, LLC

On the cutting edge of the new wave of renewable energy products

Becoming the premier resource for energy audits, wind-powered generators, photovoltaic solar for electricity generation, and thermal solar for heating, as well as other energy conservation methods and devices for your home or business. Also providing our customers with assistance in preparing and submitting applications for state and federal alternative energy incentives. Joined BCE January 2010.

Photography Letter Art

Give a Gift That Says Something

Photography Letter Art started as an idea, grew to 13 seasonal mall locations in the Midwest, and finally expanded to our online location. Now, custom art enthusiasts and gift-givers alike have the ability to create personalized and inspirational home décor. So enjoy our online experience and feel free to send photos of different letters you find in your surroundings.

KTL Fabrication LLC

KTL Fabrication’s Berm Roller/Tamper maximizes operator and equipment safety during the compaction of stone on road shoulders. It replaces the use of conventional rollers, which have been involved in tip- over accidents that have seriously injured and even killed operators. The Berm Roller/Tamper allows the tractor operator to remain on the pavement while an attachment, a drum or tamper, extends over the shoulder to compact the stone. Joined BCE February 2010.

Drive Time Driving Instruction, LLC

The beginning of your path to...

A driver’s license represents freedom, responsibility, a right-of-passage. The owners of Drive Time have more than four years of experience providing quality, in-depth driver’s education in an environment that makes learning fun yet teaches drivers to be safe on the road. Joined BCE April 2010.

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